Louise is my name, although almost everyone call me Bummi. I was born in May ’87 near Gothenburg but I’ve also lived in Skövde for three years studying game development (programming). In Spring 2012 I took my Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science there and moved back to my roots to continue studying Japanese.

Before Skövde I studied computer science in Gothenburg for almost a year but since I’ve wanted to specialize in game development since I was around 14-15, I decided to swap.

As I indicated above I have also studied some Japanese and 2008 I lived in Tokyo for half a year. I really really love the time I spent there and now when I have my Bachelor’s I feel ready to go back there. This time it will probably be Osaka for three months and my plan is to go there in Spring 2013.

Considering gaming, I like most types of games. I vary between MOBA, 3PS, FPS, RPG, horror, adventure, beat ’em up and puzzle games. When I was younger I used to play a lot of RTS and vehicular games too. Right now it’s safe to say though, that Dota 2 (MOBA) is my biggest passion when it comes to gaming.




If you have any questions and the like, feel free to contact me at louise (dot) wahlstrand (at) gmail (dot) com.


My paintings (hobby):

Secret of Mana (60×50 cm)

Silent Hill (40×30 cm)


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