6 comments on “This past month

  1. My congratulations for the beautiful family and friends .. I’m a big fan of Akke and I can not help but notice that he is very happy on your side.
    Congratulations and cheers.

    • Oh, glad you find it interesting! I think you’ll get better info from googling Liseberg but I can write a little about it! I believe it’s the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia and next year a new rollercoaster, Helix, has its debut which will probably be kinda awesome. Besides that, they have quite a lot of “theme days” and concerts/shows during summer, so you should check out their homepage and schedule if you are interested in that. :)

      Then we have “Christmas at Liseberg” which me and Akke went to. There you can find A LOT of Swedish Christmas-related food and stuff, and you can have samples of most of the goodies. There are small petit shops all over the place and they are also selling nice design stuff at a certain area. Overall the atmosphere is very cozy thanks to all the small lights covering whole trees and such, so I really recommend a visit there if you are in Sweden during December. :) During winter the attractions are closed though, except for a few “kid-rides”, so you should keep that in mind.

      If you have any questions you are more than welcome to ask!

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